Pain specialist physiotherapist and pain educator


I've been fascinated by pain, the experience, the science exploring this experience, the philosophy underpinning this exploration and the therapeutic processes available to help alleviate the suffering from persistent pain. I'm keen to offer my learning journey back to both people suffering with pain and also those interested clinicians trying to improve the lives of people suffering in pain.



It's important to me that everyone is treated as a human and with respect. Health systems do not always have the health and wellbeing of people in pain and clinicians at their heart. I'm keen to demonstrate that this needn't be the case. Kindness and compassion are important attributes to me, for myself and for others. If this resonates with you then you're in the right place.


I'm keen to connect with other people interested in improving knowledge and care for people in pain; pain advocates, researchers, clinicians and students interested in pain.

I feel well connected and have made a conscious effort to build links with others who are interested in pain. At the heart of one of my projects, Le Pub Scientifique, was the need to build these links and connections. I've been privileged to travel so much and meet and bond with many others who share my interest in pain. Some of my closest friends are people I met during these travels and I'm keen to continue the trend.



What does it take to recover from a persistent pain state? 

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Individually tailored sessions delivered online for people experiencing ongoing pain.




School of Pain

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Professional courses

Take your own time going through post-graduate pain courses.


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