Jane's Journey

My learning journey with Jane

I feel incredibly lucky that I met Jane. At the time I was finishing my Masters in Pain: Science & Society at Kings College London and was teaching for Noigroup. I'd been working exclusively with pain patients for several years and had begun a fairly recent journey exploring Graded Motor Imagery with some guidance from Lorimer Moseley and David Butler.

Jane found me through her and her family's deep exploration for therapies that could offer help for people suffering with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). We met at her home, in a darkened room and at a desperate time. Fortunately for me, Jane was willing to adopt a more holistic approach at a time that I was  reinventing myself as a pain therapist, aligned to my aspirations of what a therapeutic process. In other words, a process of creativity, freedom and most importantly, teamwork.

Jane has been a huge part in my growth as a therapist and through our regular interactions allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of rehabilitation, Graded Motor Imagery, communication, determination and resilience. 

Mine and Jane's hope is that we can bring the knowledge that we have gained to many more people suffering with pain and to the clinicians wanting to offer hope and help for them too.