Feel frustrated in clinical practice?

Complex pain problems can make us feel inadequate as a clinician, anxious when you're with your patient and frustrated that we can't do more to help. We should be able to offer more to people suffering from ongoing pain and enjoy working with them. Become the therapist you want to be: competent, focussed, confident and happy.

Why Tim?

I've spent years obsessing about pain, immersing myself in the science, meeting the researchers and clinicians that are progressing our understanding and also sharing my knowledge during postgraduate courses, seminars and lectures. I feel fortunate to have met the people I have and to have presented in so many different countries and different environments.

One crucial element always feels like it's been missing. The opportunity to see clinicians grow over a period of time. I'd like to bring my experience to small groups of likeminded individuals and see us grow as people and clinicians. I'm going to share my journey with you and help you through your own transformation. I have a strong belief that we can change the way we work to help us and our patients.

Why the School of Pain?

Maybe this sounds ridiculous, an alternative party scene perhaps? What I'm offering is a chance to explore and learn more about pain together. We're going to take our time so that we can reflect deeply on different elements of pain: the science, the experience, the therapeutic process, and more.

It is a school in the sense that we'll be learning together and sharing a learning platform. It will differ however, where you will also be asked to become the teacher as well as the learner. 

There is no formal curriculum, although there will be semi-structured sessions. You will be expected to build your own curriculum and this will develop through our time together.

You will receive support and guidance from me and other course participants. The overall aim is to help you become a kinder, happier and more effective clinician.

What should you expect?

A novel aspect of the School of Pain is the co-creation of the curriculum. Each individual comes with such varied experiences and wishes. They also possess deep knowledge and incredible strengths. By working together we can produce so much more than on our own. In other words, growth and transformation will be an emergent feature of the School of Pain.

Open up access to the pain world

I have been thinking about pain, studying pain, talking to others about pain and creating connections within the pain community for over 20 years. I'm excited to bring this experience to the growing number of awesome pain therapists.


Reflect and challenge yourself

We will discuss what's important for you. Do you want to be a more empathetic clinician, improve your decision making, be happier in your clinical environment? Whatever has drawn you here we can tailor our time to help you achieve these goals

Meet and collaborate with like-minded clinicians

In small groups we will meet on a monthly basis to discuss different areas of the clinical situation, ruminate over clinical practicalities and make better sense of what we can offer to our patients. You are not alone in your pursuit of becoming the better more effective and happier you.

School of Pain


Group mentoring

  • Six monthly sessions of clinical coaching (1.5 hour group discussions)
  • Small groups of like-minded clinicians limited to 8 people
  • Access to private Facebook room with ongoing discussions, videos and papers 

Tim's 'School of Pain'

Group discussions will be semi-structured and include conversations around pain philosophy and phenomenology, recognising and making sense of pain mechanisms, communication skills and the therapeutic alliance and much more. All of this will be centred on improving our clinical confidence and outcomes whilst building our happiness and resilience.

Not sure if this is right for you?

Please feel free to get in touch with me. We can discuss whether the 'School of Pain' is right for you, if not what other options are available to help your journey (with me or others). 

email: [email protected]