Creating hope for people in pain

I feel optimistic that we can offer hope, even in the face of suffering where options seem limited and there's little support for you.

Choosing the right path

Finding a clinician and approach that suits you can be tricky. Arrange a 10-minute chat to see if we fit and if my approach can work for you.

What does it take to recover from persistent pain?

Recovery is definitely possible. The journey and time it takes is totally individual and inevitably includes some ups and some downs. People often ask if there are characteristics in the people who experience recovery. The main one is taking back control of your life and away from pain. This is called agency and a key feature of what I try to build in each person. See and hear from three people I've worked with to see what this recovery process/journey can look like.

Jesper - reflections on working together

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Pain can be life altering. Read about Jane's journey of recovery and how this has influenced me.

Meet Jane


What does recovery look like and is it possible? Read Mary's incredible insights and find out about one of my proudest moments.

Meet Mary

What type of pain problems do I treat? 

I'm very happy to help anyone suffering with a pain problem. Most of the people I work with come with more persistent problems, in other words, something that has gone on longer than expected. Often that means that the pain has significantly affected someone's wellbeing.

Some examples of pain problems that I treat include:

  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Low Back Pain
  • Pain felt in the neck, shoulder, arm, face
  • Pain felt in the leg and feet
  • Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome/Chronic Prostatitis
  • Pain associated with fatigue problems
  • Pain associated with fear and anxiety
  • Pain associated with shifts in stress systems

If you're pain problem doesn't fit these then please don't worry, we can discuss your individual problem and see if working together makes sense.

Contact me to talk about treatment

Email [email protected] to arrange a free call and find out what treatment could look like and if working together feels right for you.